About Developer

About Developer

Cairo Global Construction Company is one of largest real estate investment and construction companies, in Arab Republic of Egypt and has founded 2015 showed a great success in Egypt and internationally too. This is due to its excellent strategic planning and sustainable progress.


CGC mainly works on studying all projects details meticulously from concept to accomplishment and care about our clients’ needs and not only work to enhance our projects operation but we also follow up after actual operation in order to reach the best of success and keep our clients trust that gives full strength to the company to maintain our business quality and achieve worldwide success. Construction and projects management are core to our business model in harmony with state-of-the-art technologies and getting to grips with international quality standards.

Our Mission

CGC is to mobilize knowledge and resources to enable the clients to accomplish successful transactions and make the right decision through dedicated professionals supported by innovative management systems. We are also keen to cream off the best services that match our clients’ expectations. This empowers CGC to seize new business opportunities and open a new market in construction and real estate field efficiently and faithfully. Moreover, the company is to create and help the clients to add business value faster and guide them to make a high impact in the market. Cairo Global Company concentrates on enlargement of client’s profit growth in order to give them the trust to invest in a fruitful way via creative system .

Our Vision 

CGC aims to be a mark of identification and an optimum template for the real estate industry with a professional planning, meticulous implementation, innovative performance by strong marketing team, and limitless real estate projects in Egypt and abroad.

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